Image Barbers - A Barber Website

Barber website for a local Jersey barbershop in West Centre, featuring an online booking service – Commissioned by Snap Design & Digital.

Snap design & Digital asked me to design and develop this website for their client, Image Barbers. Above all, a barber website focused on attracting new clientele, and most importantly, encouraging new and existing customers to book in their hair appointments online.

For the booking system, we used existing software that the client was familiar with and integrated this in to their website. Consequently, making things a little easier for both parties involved.

A barber website is always a fun project. The associated imagery and style of a barbershop is renowned around the world as being sleek and cutting edge. As a result, designing a website for this industry is enjoyable.

However, we did stumble in to some challenges which were soon resolved with the help of photography by Callum Thorne. In addition, this really gave the website a personal and lively touch.

We also made use of the brand through-out the site, for instance, flashes of their brand colours and a revolving blade on the home page as you scroll and navigate through this modern, stylish website.

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