One Small Pixel - Web Development

Web development for a London based media production agency. Filled with motion and beautiful design.

Working with like-minded people in similar industries to you has it’s pros and cons. When it comes to design, those in the media industry are usually quite focused on what they want and require, so in this case, One Small Pixel came to me with a ready-designed website that they needed developed in to a format that could act as a one-stop-shop for displaying all of their beautiful project work. Having a design ready to go meant I could shift a fair amount of focus over to the mechanics of the website, and leave a lot of the aesthetic work to the guys at One Small Pixel. Nice!

I communicated a lot with the client over Slack. For those that aren’t familiar with this platform, it’s like a super-powered, modernised MSN Messenger. This meant we could communicate ideas to each other as we went through the project and share imagery, links video etc.

Before we started on this project, Hugh at One Small Pixel explained the importance of having a website they could contribute to going forward. I installed WordPress on their website to act as a content management system, along with a powerful page builder that gave them all the access they needed to continue to bolster their impressive library of projects. With some clever templating in place, One Small Pixel could create new project pages in the same style as their existing ones, in just a few steps, whilst keeping the design and uniformity of the site intact.

From The Client

From my personal experience of working with Harry on our company website -, I have to say Harry is one of the most professional web developer and designers out there.

Like most small business owners, I had spent a lot of my own time trying to design it myself, but when Harry took over it transformed everything.

Whether you are super experienced or a total rookie at websites, Harry is super patient and is very clear about the steps involved, and gives creative suggestions to everything you ask of him.

Highly recommended and my web designer and developer of choice from now on for sure.

Hugh IP
Executive Producer